Image: NAWIS® - teacher with pupils in classroom

NAWIS® – Our room concept for science teaching 

In the NAWIS® learning laboratory, experimenting in the natural sciences is really fun. Whatever the team's efforts, the laboratory furniture can be moved to the right place in no time, and the media supply via an intelligent ceiling system provides electricity, gas, water or internet with pinpoint accuracy.

Image: Science classroom with teacher and students


Your space concept with 1.000 possibilities

Be creative. NAWIS® adapts to your individual requirements flexibly and quickly. Whether it's a Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Technology lesson - NAWIS® is impressive as a true master of transformation.

Perfect media supply in any situation

Exploit the potential of your space. The innovative ceiling supply system networks the work areas in an intelligent way. Position groups of tables however you wish - electricity, gas, water or Internet are available in no time.


NAWIS® is the flexible space concept for science lessons and is guided entirely by your wishes. The modular furnishing concept allows the room to be simply and quickly adapted to any situation. Whether planned long in advance or a spontaneous decision – bring on the next lesson!

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  • Partner work
  • Group work
  • Workshop
  • Input
Image: Partner work in the learning laboratory NAWIS®
Scheme partner work

IT course for the whole class

Work in teams of two and connect the laptop to the power supply and data connection and the content can immediately be discussed on the inteactive boar.

Image: Group work in the learning laboratory NAWIS®
Scheme group work

Experience exciting experiments for yourself

Group the learning islands together in modules, supply the experiments with electricity, gas or water, and off you go!

Image: Workshop in the learning laboratory NAWIS®
Scheme workshop

Solve projects tasks together

Arrange the groups of tables in a flexible way and the project groiups puzzle over creative solutions in no time at all. 

Image: Input in the learning laboratory NAWIS®
Scheme input phase

Impart knowledge in condensed form

Simply join the tables together and connect the workspaces to the multimedia network via the ceiling supply system.

Image: Science room with Fly One®
Image: Classroom with mediawing and teacher
Image: Classroom with Medienlift
Image: Powerlift room with laptops

Ceiling supply systems

Hohenloher offers the largest selection of ceiling supply systems worldwide. The certified media systems from the ceiling enable flexible use of space and if required, provide the required media at the workplace with pinpoint accuracy. Integrated lighting systems ensure shadow-free illumination and ensure an optimal view of the experiments.

Image: Fly One®

Fly One®

Fly One® is an energy-saving high-performance LED ceiling light and ensures optimal illumination in the room. If necessary, Fly One® folds fully automatically and can be navigated three-dimensionally to any position. Ideal for rooms with high design standards and flexibility.
Media: gas, compressed air, electricity, multimedia

Image: Media wing detail

Media wing

There is nothing left to be desired here. The media wing offers the widest range of media and therefore allows the highest degree of flexibility in utilisation of the space. Ideal for chemistry and craft rooms with requirements for water and air extraction. 
Media: water, exhaust air, gas, compressed air, electricity, multimedia

Image: Medienlift® detail


The Medienlift® is the most popular ceiling-supplied media system. At the touch of a button, the electric motor brings down the modules individually or in pre-defined groups, and they supply the required media in a matter of seconds at an ergonomic operating height. Ideal for chemistry and biology classes.
Media: gas, compressed air, electricity, multimedia


Image: Powerlift Detail


The Powerlift brings fresh energy into the room and provides the user with electricity, data and compressed air connections in no time at all. Simply fold down the media arms using your hand, hook up your experiments, laptops or technical kits, and off you go! Ideal for physics classes.
Media: compressed air, electricity, multimedia

Connection cabinets - Everything under control

Keep track of everything. The connecting cabinets from Hohenloher help you to keep all the media under control. Acticvate electricity, gas or multimedia at a central location, or simply switch them off in an emergency. 

Image: Science classroom - Connection cabinet

Connection cabinets

The connection cabinet is particularly compact and provides instead of a sink a large-capacity multimedia compartment in the middle. In the upper area there is the electric sub-distribution, in the lower area a space for the integration of gas safety technology.

Image: Science classroom - Connection cell with sink

Connection cells

The connection cell is particularly spacious and offers plenty of space on a work surface with integrated sink. In the upper area there is a draining rack and the electric sub-distribution, in the lower area a space for the integration of gas safety technology.

Favourite products

Image: AeroEm fume cupboard

Demonstration fume cupboard AeroEm

Experience experiments up close. The AeroEm enables pupils to easily follow proceedings. Position the mobile fume cupboard wherever you wish and simply connect it to the media supply and disposal points using the quick-release couplings.

Image: Quickboard 3

Quickboard 3

Our Quickboard 3 pylon table cleverly combines the best of two worlds. Use the interactive area especially for little students in the lowest position. If required, a classic table surface can be safely and comfortably swiveled in front of it.

Image: Mobile experiment table GENIUS

Mobile experiment table GENIUS

The mobile experiment table GENIUS is a real all-rounder. Flexible and fast, it can be positioned anywhere in the room. Design it according to your needs and complete it with various base units, the sliding splinter protection or secretary.

Image: COMBO practice tables

COMBO practice tables

Pupil experiments require custom-fit tables. The Combo practice tables have been specially made for this purpose and are available in two robust designs. The fixed height of 800 mm is ideal for seated or standing activities. The height-adjustable design can even be individually adjusted to the perfect height.

Image: SEDIAMO® Cross chairs


Maintain your posture – regardless of your sitting position. Our SEDIAMO® chairs ensure optimum freedom in terms of posture and movement. You can easily switch between different sitting positions, like the reading and writing position or the listening position (leaning back). This simultaneously increases attention levels during the learning process. The perfectly shaped seat shell with spring action and the matching base frame make this possible!

Hello Learning Lab

Hello Multifunctional Room


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  • Colegio Alemán de Cali
  • Horoshkola Moskau


  • Project:

    Colegio Alemán | Cali (Columbia)

  • Description

    Science rooms

  • Setup classrooms

    Media wing, connection cells, mobile fume cupboards, mobile water stations, board systems, mobile experiment tables, practice tables, SEDIAMO® Cross chairs

  • Setup preparation rooms

    tables, wall-mounted fume cupboards and workstations, laboratory cells, mobile experiment tables, cabinets for hazardous substances


  • Description

    Chemistry, Biology, Physics rooms, Experimenting kitchen, craft room Robotics (IT) room

  • Setup classrooms

    Media wing, conntection cells, mobile fume cupboards, mobile experimenting tables, practice tables, work benches, kitchen cells CulinaEM

  • Setup preparation rooms

    Wall-mounted fume cupboards and workstations, laboratory cells, mobile experiment tables, cabinets for hazardous substances

Image: Horoshkola Moskau NAWIS Experimentierraum
I would like to thank you as a company, but above all for the three employees, who made the installation of the four laboratories possible in an impressive professionalism. Thank you all and congratulations, because customer satisfaction is the best advertisement for a company. We will recommend you unreservedly.

Andreas Irle

Head of the school, Colegio Alemán de Cali (Columbia)

Image: Learning laboratory NAWIS® brochure

How does the future learning lab look like?

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