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FLY ONE® - The media system for multifunctional rooms

A media supply system has never been so elegant and flexible. Fly One® is an energysaving, high-performance, LED ceiling light that ensures perfect illumination of the space. When required, Fly One® automatically folds out and can be navigated to any position in three dimensions.

Image: Room with Fly One®

What makes Fly One® special?

4-dimensional flexibility

Fly One® provides media, like electricity, data, gas or compressed air where it is needed in the space – precisely and reliably.
And when it’s no longer needed, Fly One® folds together fully automatically and elegantly from any position at the press of a button and is recessed unobtrusively in the ceiling.

Image: Multifunctional room with Fly One®
Image: Multifunctional room with Fly Light®
Image: Multifunctional room with Fly One®
Image: Multifunctional room with Fly One®
Image: Multifunctional room with Fly One®
Image: Multifunctional room with Fly Light®

Design meets technology

Image: Fly One® close up

Fly One®

  • Three-dimensional navigation and lockable media supply
  • Dimmable high-power LED light for optimum workplace lighting
  • Flexible individual and group control using state-of-the-art bus technology
  • Ergonomic media supply, thanks to individual height adjustment
  • Ultra-robust due to flexible bamboo design principle
  • Short set-up time, thanks to fully automatic extension and retraction
Image: Fly Light®

Fly Light®

  • Even and glare-free lighting of workspaces by 80% direct and 20% indirect light component and a basic oval shape
  • Dimmable and therefore able to adapt to lighting requirements
  • Fatigue-free working, thanks to daylight-spectrum LEDs
  • Efficient use of electrical energy due to an optimum performance factor (PF)
  • Flexibility due to a range of fixing modes: as a suspended light with wire cables or as a ceiling light with fixing brackets

Multifunctional spaces with Fly One®

Image: Multifunctional space with Fly Light®

Light and Learning

Experience breathtaking design paired with extraordinary light technology. Our Fly Light® increases the power of concentration through daylight spectrum and ensures for the best possible illumination in the room, due to the direct and indirect proportion of light.

Image: Multifunctional space with Fly One®

Maker Space

With our LED ceiling light Fly Light® you ensure for perfect illumination of the space. For practice-oriented learning and experimenting, use Fly One® - at the push of a button it folds out and flexibly provides electricity, Internet, multimedia and much more in the room.

Image: German Innovation Award

German Innovation Award

This year the German Design Council presented Hohenloher with the “GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD 2018” for its “Fly One®” high-tech innovation. The high-calibre judging panel thereby elevated the ceiling installation into the company of some of the most successful German innovations in the “building & elements" category. Its level of innovation, user benefits and cost-effectiveness were the key criteria in the presentation of the award.

Design Diary

Image: Medley Design Diary
Image: Medley Design Diary
Image: Medley Design Diary

Space. Clearance. Elbowroom.

Discover the boundless possibilities with Fly One®

Hello Learning Room

Hello Multifunctional Room

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For Multifunctional Space Utilization

Just discover more details about our Fly One® in our current Fly One® brochure.

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